Dan clarks guide to dating 2016

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But, despite all limitations and knowing that it is almost impossible to use all the "stored" knowledge at one time, computer-generated art - processing tons of information from a myriad of sources - will always lack something.Despite this giant leap in technology we are currently witnessing, the central driving force of what we call "art" will always be soul.The latter has already worked with Frank under the name ' Projekt69'.Another longstanding friend, the Delirium-Mastermind and chef of the ' Federation of Drums' label, Joerg W.

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But the artist's imagination reaches beside the dancefloor: at one point also some more experimental tracks started to surface.From Ambient to Electro, Minimal and ending up with Club Techno, one finds all the different facets of Electronic Music.With his first artist album, Frank didn't want to solely leave his usual trail.More and more sophisticated machines surely will be able to reproduce, but could never create anything similar to human feelings.Machines surely can build something new out of given sources, but cannot improvise. Soul also seems to be a keyword for the creator of these pieces.

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